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Dear Richard Branson:

I was told that I write good letter, well, this one better be the best I have ever written. I am on a quest  to shed light on a modern day problem, and I will never give up.

The Quest: To open a new school type of urban space where people can gather for connection, community, and conversation about meaningful things. It is called “Wine & Soul” and I have been working tirelessly to breathe life into the idea while laying the foundation (business plan, website, blog, etc.) for its launch. I am smitten and hope, one ...

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How to Shop for Wine like Eckhart Tolle

[I love technology – give me a new app anytime; however, in Wine & Soul style I believe in “balance in all things” and so knowing when to use it and when to lose it is the golden rule. This was the inspiration for this post.]

Ok, I have no idea if Eckhart Tolle even likes wine. However, I did have the distinct pleasure of meeting him at Wisdom 2.0 and found myself thinking, “what a relief- he is the real deal.”

I also work part-time in a wine shop and encounter legions of people on their smartphones who end ...

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On Bordeaux and that Moment When…

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a Bordeaux tasting focused on the Right Bank, specifically the Grande Cru Classes of Saint-Emilion.  The room was a familiar one, Terra, located South of Market right near the Freeway, a place that frequently hosts tastings. The last time I was there I had the enviable task of exploring Italian wines.

The room looked exactly the same – a barebones layout with two small but heaven-sent cheese stations.  I approached my taste with my usual combination of curiosity and glee, asking the representatives to share stories of the wines. Many of the ...

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Week 13 of 52. Minding What’s in Your Glass

So this blog is called “Wine & Soul” but I rarely spend much time pondering the “soul” elements. Make no mistake though; they are very important inspirations for this blog. For me the “soul” part conjures up the spirit that is in the wines themselves, our relationship to nature and our relationship to ourselves. Can we live with mindfulness and in wisdom? Can we bring that way of being to our relationship with what’s in the glass — and our relationships with those that make sure the wine gets to the glass.

I would like to start with one simple ...

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Week 11 of 52. In Wine, Relationships Matter

Our relationships in wine matter –  whether they are with winemakers, shop owners or our friendly bartender. But the heart of this relationship is our relationship to wine itself.  Wine is there for us in good times and bad and in the latter, can ease the pain and I don’t mean by intoxicating us but by filling us with the joy of connecting with a beautiful product of nature (and human craft).

I am a verbal person – I am fascinated by words and love to write; hence this blog. I am also a very visual sort and so believe ...

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