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When “Mindless” Wine Shopping Get Results

Wine shopping brings me such joy. I always take the time to slow down and check out the wines – stopping to smell the flowers, if you will.  Viewing the labels, checking to see if any of my favorites are in stock, talking with merchants to find new gems, etc. – I love it all. I call this mindful wine shopping – being deeply present without judgment.

However, that sweet meditative practice comes to an abrupt end with I find myself desperately looking for wine at my neighborhood market. Scanning that selection always fills me with dread. Will I find ...

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Wisdom, Wine & Throwing Away the Playbook!

19 weeks ago I launched a blog series called “52 weeks of wine on the mind.” This week after attending Wisdom 2.0, my mind is actually on that “soul” stuff of “wine and soul,” especially the way that wine connects us in community.

Wisdom 2.0 is a (un) conference,  a gathering unlike most and better off for it. What happened on the stage was matched equally by what happened in the halls – and over the dining table.

As an introvert I needed to meet people in a small and structured setting and so I agreed to host a dinner ...

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