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A Wine Blogger’s Song in 3 Parts. Part II: Musings on the “Hybrid” Experience

“Where everybody knows your name.” ♪♫

Looking for a place to have a conversation over wine with a colleague and found a florist and wine bar called Rosebowl Florist and Wine Shop. I told my friend, “we have to do this; it’s just weird enough.” Located in Opera Plaza in San Francisco, the wine bar is in the back of the flower shop “plus” (it has a lot of others items for gift giving). The space was intimate as in teeny tiny but that was also part of the charm. The real hook is Deidra O’Meade, the friendly owner and ...

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Week 22: I’m Back! And Wanna Know, Does Your Neighborhood Wine Bar Matter?

I am not one for wine bar bashing. Yes, there are more than a few. The Trick is finding the one (or two) that you can call home. What are you looking for in a wine bar that would make you want to come back again and again?

  • I am looking for a place to lounge – that means it needs to comfortable and I need not to be hurried. Remember, I believe in mindfulness in eating and drinking.
  • I am looking for a place with an interesting selection of wines. It does not have to be the largest collection

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