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Week 11 of 52. In Wine, Relationships Matter

Our relationships in wine matter –  whether they are with winemakers, shop owners or our friendly bartender. But the heart of this relationship is our relationship to wine itself.  Wine is there for us in good times and bad and in the latter, can ease the pain and I don’t mean by intoxicating us but by filling us with the joy of connecting with a beautiful product of nature (and human craft).

I am a verbal person – I am fascinated by words and love to write; hence this blog. I am also a very visual sort and so believe ...

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No, Not the Wine Tasting Test!

“I don’t know anything,” she said.

“You don’t have to, it’s not a test – what do you like?”

I decided to share my love of wine with people I have never met at a party hosted by a new work colleague. To make it fun, I brought two different wines with only one thing in common: they’re both uncommon. One was from the South-west of France and the other was from a place South of San Francisco, Santa Cruz. Here’s the book on them:

Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard, Quinta Cruz 2009 Souzão 

A rare Portuguese variety. The aromas and ...

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A Simple Gift: Wine & Time

This week I made the trip to my wine locker. It’s a modest storage space that I rent in part because my home is a tin box that kills wine with heat. Living in San Francisco, I don’t have that modern convenience called “air conditioning.” The main reason for renting the space is that cellaring is another adventure in wine! When you mix wine with time, you have a recipe for fun.

To make the holidays even more special, I grabbed a few bottles that have been resting peacefully for the last 3 years. Before grabbing a bottle of 2006 ...

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Week #5: Know Your Producer/Know Your Importer! (Relationships Matter.)

Certainly one vital way to get to know your producers is through the importers who have deep relationships with them. Kermit Lynch is one of those importers; and knowing good importers is a shortcut to choosing a good wine in this era of a dizzying amount of choice. Relationships matter, and I wish I could have direct relationships with winemakers in France but since I do not, I am grateful that importers like Kermit Lynch do.

I wrote about Cru Beaujolais for week #3 and so obviously I have a “thing” about it. So what better way to spend a ...

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