This is the virtual home of “Wine and Soul” a wine lounge that is like no other. As a team, we want our customers to find wine gems from exceptional producers from around the world but we are more than a lounge.

We have a mission: bringing people together in community to have conversations about things that matter. We are a modern salon with a twist. We challenge the way people think about those around them and their connection to the world just as wine does. We support people’s natural curiosity and provide them with access to the different terroirs of the world and deepen their understanding of the important relationship between food and wine.

We invite you to join us in community for conversation over a glass of wine – whether geeky or classic, they are truly tasty and designed to please.

Wine & Soul is working to become a worldwide destination for Wine and Wisdom; Conversation and Community; Introspection and Inquiry – and Fun!

Stay tuned as we launch our first Wine & Soul retreat.

As for bricks and mortars, we are working on identify a new urban location as Wine & Soul is moving back to the SF Bay Area!


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