Dear Richard Branson:

I was told that I write good letter, well, this one better be the best I have ever written. I am on a quest  to shed light on a modern day problem, and I will never give up.

The Quest: To open a new school type of urban space where people can gather for connection, community, and conversation about meaningful things. It is called “Wine & Soul” and I have been working tirelessly to breathe life into the idea while laying the foundation (business plan, website, blog, etc.) for its launch. I am smitten and hope, one day, that you will be as well.

The Issue: Everyone seems to love the idea but I have yet to find a partner or raise sufficient funding to get to launch.

The Inspiration: I had a great lesson early in my career. We were working on a novel idea in San Francisco but the local press wouldn’t cover it and so my boss went instead to the New York Times – and yes, the NYT covered our local initiative. Which is why I am reaching out to a global business leader to help me think BIG and work towards one day opening 5 urban locations across the globe: London, Melbourne, Vancouver, New York, and San Francisco

It Begins: Wine & Soul has always been about community, connections, and conversations about the things that matter. These times call for innovation in our gathering spaces but which location will be first? With a nod to Paddington Bear, it depends on who is kind enough to take in a soul in search of a home. I am launching a LOVE Campaign for Wine & Soul in which the community that shows the most social media love will be gifted with being the inaugural location. That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

The Ask: On the surface, we may not have much in common but if you opened us up and examined our entrepreneur’s soul, then we are kindred.  I would love to share more – not quite a “pitch” in a conventional way – in Wine & Soul style.

In heartfelt gratitude,

CJ Callen

PS- I love Virgin Startup and wish there was something as vibrant here in the U.S. – so much for Yankee ingenuity!

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