When the Temperatures Soar, Go Greek.

We have been having a ridiculously hot February here in the desert while other parts of the country seem destined for a new Ice Age. What to do? My body and my wine drinking is all discombobulated – I tend to crave the comfort of a good red in the dark of winter.

Confession: there was a time when I only drank red wine – kind of hard for me to believe that. My tastes have evolved and now I drink wine of man hues: white, red, rose, and orange.

So are any of you red wine only drinkers? What do you do when the temperatures spike? Do you drink wines that are suitable for chilling? I have had many a good Red that benefitted from a slight chill? Do you drink rose as a compromise?

My call is for you to use the occasion of weather to let your palate explore the beauty that is the world of white wine. Skip the “meh” mass produced Pinot Grigio and the butter-and-wood churned Chardonnay, and you will find a world of complexity and taste equal to what you find in the Red wine universe.

Wine and trigger memories and memories can trigger a taste for wine. I recall a sunny day in Santa Cruz eating and drinking at a Greek festival hosted by a church. “Red or Wine.” the woman at the concession stand asked, and I choose the white. Have no idea what the grape was or where it was grown or who made it but it was lovely. That was the beginning of my love affair with Greek wines.

And so here is one that I found at the local wine shop. I have had Assyrtyko from Santorini before and so suspected it would be to my liking and it was: bone-dry yet fruity, blessed with food-friendly acidity and minerality, and completed by a medium body that gave the wine a satisfying presence that still remains light on its feet. And so this geek enjoyed going Greek!

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