A Wine You Want to Party With

On tasting my second bottle of a particular California Syrah, I realize that there are wines with a clear identity, a certain authenticity and vibrant personality with whom you want to hang out. And then there are others that just seem “ho hum” and so you opt out of any time spent lingering.

Piedra Sassi “PS” 2014 Syrah is the former: a wine you want to party with. And should.

The grapes come from Santa Barbara County, a lovely cool coastal climate, which shines through the final product. This wine comes alive with flavors of roasted meat and deep black fruits yet never ventures into brooding, over-ripe California red wine territory. Supple and spicy with decent acidity that brings it all into balance. Fun to boot, including its short and squat bottle.

With its “dare to be different” while still being delicious personality, I want to hang out with it – over and over again.  Compelling and complex stuff at a value price ($19 retail).

Come and get it. Wine should bring joy to our weary souls. And this one does.

While at it, please share your memory of the last wine you enjoyed that had the kind of personality you want to party with?

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