The Wisdom of the Stones OR Georgia On My Mind

The Rolling Stone’s song offers, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want…”

 I had purchased a bottle of Georgian rose´ and could not wait to taste it. As much as I like Orange wines, I have never tasted a wine from Georgia, the birthplace of orange wines. I poured a glass for me and my partner but on the first sip detected an unpleasant level of acidity and the feel of having vinegar poured down your throat. I wanted to make sure that the wine was not simply in need of a good airing out. Don’t know why I doubted myself. The wine flaw was clearly a fault that made it undrinkable. I returned it to the place of purchase and they were happy to replace but alas, they were all out of the wine and so I had to get a substitute (no tears here, I got Nebbiolo, my latest obsession). Still, I was a tad heartbroken.

Those @winewankers then posted a little refrain called, What is an orange wine? And why you should care.

Ah, I care, I care, I care! But still no Orange wine from the ‘O.G.’s” Nation of Orange wine.

The song then responds “…You get what you need.”

A few days later I was seated on a stool @BayGrape waiting for the unveiling of my wine club selections.

My eyes lit up as Stevie showed me a bottle of Orange wine from Slovenia – woo hoo! This wine comes from a region next door to Friuli-Venezia Giulia, an Italian region that knows white wine. And Orange wines are white wines made in a red style, i.e., the technique involves leaving the grape skins in the crushed juice for several days or more. The maceration with the skins gives the wine that wonderful hue but also a rich texture that can give a twinkle to the eye.

My orange wine at last: Kabaj Sivi Pinot Goriska Brda 2012.IMG_1085

Took it home to share with my best bud. I found the wine to be full bodied but with complexity that was reminiscent – please forgive me for the comparison -of a Lopez de Heredia’s rose´ The taste was savory, herbaceous with good minerality’ perfect foil to the dried apricot, orange peel and rich texture. I like it, and can’t wait to continue to explore the world of Orange wines, a journey that started a few years ago when I fell for an Italian Orange wine made from Vermentino.

Orange wine, just in the nick of time: deliciousness that cured the broken heart of a wine lover.



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