A Case of True Love: A Toast to Wine’s “No Shame” Zone!

I sat down to write about my first wine app Vivino. I got it only because when I am in dire need of wine and hit the local market, there is no one who works there who knows about wine. The wine they carry comes in prepackaged blocks. A few posts back I shared my dread of heading down the hill to get a bottle of wine.  I prefer talking to people but my grocery store is not a fine wine shop. Last time I struck gold but what about this time? More on that later when I review the app and the wine.

So what I really want to write about is drinking wine without being shamed for it. So here’s the skinny: I was at a friend’s holiday party, enjoying a Cava that had pleasing minerality but decided to switch when I saw real Champagne. Alas, I did not like this particular fruity and super rich brand. The bartender then shamed me for not liking the more expensive Champagne! How dare I!?

I dare.

I see no reason to drink something I am not enjoying simply because it cost more. Both wines were well made. After you get past that threshold, then it’s a matter of what the palate prefers.

No one should be shamed for choosing one good wine over another! I am fortunate to have Champagne in my wine fridge that I love. The one that night would not make it to my cellar.

On the note of that certain sparkling wine, I will be ringing in the New Year with Jean Vesselle Rose´ Saignee Brut – an intriguing bubbly, indeed.  And I am searching for another bottle of 2005 Saint Chamant – Brut Blanc de Blancs Cuvee de Chardonnay.

So here’s one of my wishes for 2016: for a wine world where you can drink what you love, be open to finding new loves and never be forced into a case of untrue love!


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  1. I love the Vivino app. They’ve recently added a compare feature, which I used this weekend to decide which wine to purchase. I also agree about the “no shame zone!” A coworker of mine recently admitted, rather timidly, that she was disappointed with a very expensive Chardonnay. She thought, since it was expensive, it would be good but she didn’t like it. I encouraged her, as I do anyone who enjoys wine, to drink what you like! Cheers!

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