When “Mindless” Wine Shopping Get Results

Wine shopping brings me such joy. I always take the time to slow down and check out the wines – stopping to smell the flowers, if you will.  Viewing the labels, checking to see if any of my favorites are in stock, talking with merchants to find new gems, etc. – I love it all. I call this mindful wine shopping – being deeply present without judgment.

However, that sweet meditative practice comes to an abrupt end with I find myself desperately looking for wine at my neighborhood market. Scanning that selection always fills me with dread. Will I find anything? I call this mindless wine shopping.

Such was my state when I made a big pot of chili verde but had nothing in the wine fridge that seemed suitable. So I headed down the hill to that neighborhood grocery store and the search began:

I stared at the scary wine selection and thought: maybe an off-dry Chenin Blanc to calm the heat? (The particular chilies I used had proven themselves to be extra spicy this time.)  I spied a Vouvray but it was not cheap and I was feeling broke.

A Solution seemed elusive.

I then spied a domestic Chenin Blanc – Viognier blend. Low risk: $10 and a screw cap (no corked bottled here!)

So I snagged it and hoped for the best.


Magic with the meal – the sweet fruit of the Viognier was off-set by the acidity of the Chenin Blanc and its off-dry nature went smashingly well.

So even those of us who strive to be mindful can have a lapse and I am lucky that this one turned out to be a lapse for the best. 😉

To my fellow wine lovers, happy mindful and “mindless” hunting!


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