I Paid Retail and it was Worth it!

I work in retail. I don’t pay retail! Well, not usually but it was not a usual set of circumstances.

Monday night, I decided I’m going to join the wine club of Bay Grape because it’s such a wonderful shop and community gathering place. It looked like it was sold out and I’d have to wait a month but I sent an email anyway. Tuesday afternoon, I heard back from Stevie, one half of the owner-couple, that there were 3 left and it was a first-come, first-served deal. I was the first to snag one.

I ran home from work in a wine shop to take BART to a wine shop! Pretty crazy but as soon as I walked into Bay Grape, I knew it was the best kind of crazy. The place was hopping, the vibe was “neighborhoody,” and it was dog friendly (yeah). I was alone and so made friends with the poodle-shih tzu mix named Vader because of her puppyhood helmet head.

And the reason for this gathering: the unveiling of this month’s wine club selections.

What a night that:

  1. Reminded me of something I know: wine builds community and 2. Made me realize that sometimes paying retail is worth the price.


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