A Scandalous Wine Tasting!

“I heard the call, “Go East, Birthday Girl!” So I did.

First stop, the not at all scandalous tasting, which was wickedly good. I sat on a stool at Broc Cellars in Berkeley and had a leisurely, dare-I-say, mindful tasting of wine.  Took home a Valdiguié (can you say the Gamay of Napa?) and a Vine Starr Zinfandel (thinking ahead about Labor Day BBQ) . 

By the way, I was out of usual tasting mode and swallowed – it was a wine drinking day and a fine one at that.

Second stop, happy birthday to Bay Grape! I had to stop by this terrific shop and not just because we share the same special day. The line-up included: a terrific sparkler by Iron Horse Vineyards; Matthiasson’s rosé (thank you for using Rhone varietals); Copain’s “P2” of Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir (fun concept but didn’t work for me though Copain is a fine winemaker); and Reef Points Hard Cider (delivers on the promise of “bone dry” and simply wonderful). But the star of the night. IMG_0847

Drum roll, please.


Granted, this was no ordinary beer: it was Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company’s Récoulte du Bois, Peach Saison – a farmhouse ale aged in oak barrels with Brettanomyces yeast. (Yes, that infamous wine fault known as Brett.)    IMG_0850

So when does a fault become a fav? When you are drinking beer (not wine) aged in oak barrels.

As a wine nut, I felt truly out of sorts – even shameful – walking out of Bay Grape with a bottle of beer and no wine!

In wine as in life, expect the unexpected.IMG_0846

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