When it’s been a BAD Week, Should You Open the GOOD stuff?


That was my dilemma during a particularly bad week I March when I had 3 bits of bad news. My friends were so kind; they lent their support and reminded me that things come in threes. unfortunately, then came the fourth blow – and most devastating one. I had to face dishonestly, deceit, disrespect, and outright cruelty.

But this is a wine blog and so back to the subject of what to do wine wise when the world throws you lemons. You can’t make wine with them. Part of me felt so low I was tempted to go to Trader Joe’s and buy a bottle of 2-buck Chuck but then it dawned on me, the way they make wine in unsustainable and unconscionable. Next idea. Hmm, maybe go to the local grocers to get a bottle of one of their cheap specials, which can be quite a gamble.

No, that did not suit me either.

In the end, I opened the good stuff, a bottle of Unti Vineyards Rosé on an unseasonably warm day. Bad weeks call for me to tap into what I love about wine so that I can bounce back from the inevitable “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”  – building my resilience. I am reminded to stay present and without judgment in the one and only thing we do have: the now.

This blog is brought to you by the transformative power of a bottle of Provencal-style wine, and inspired by the writings and teachings of Eckhart Tolle.

So how’s that for a wine and soul musing?


2 responses to “When it’s been a BAD Week, Should You Open the GOOD stuff?”

  1. Dennis says:

    Hi CJ, Thanks for this. My oh my: cruelty, deceit, disrespect…are you still alive? Perhaps something stronger and older than a rose… sipping whiskey comes to mind. Freshly disillusioned as well, D


  2. When things go wrong, we have to resist by creating positive situations! So a big YES to opening the good stuff, when you’ve had a bad week. It will get better soon 🙂

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