Week #5: Know Your Producer/Know Your Importer! (Relationships Matter.)


Certainly one vital way to get to know your producers is through the importers who have deep relationships with them. Kermit Lynch is one of those importers; and knowing good importers is a shortcut to choosing a good wine in this era of a dizzying amount of choice. Relationships matter, and I wish I could have direct relationships with winemakers in France but since I do not, I am grateful that importers like Kermit Lynch do.

I wrote about Cru Beaujolais for week #3 and so obviously I have a “thing” about it. So what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than face-to-face with a line-up of Kermit Lynch’s imports of Cru Beaujolais? Here it what was awaiting my eager palate:

2013 Guy Breton, Beaujolais Villages “Marylou” – $23.95

2012 Domaine Robert Denogent Beaujolais Villages “Cuvee Jules Chauvet” – $29.95

2013 Chateau Thivin, Beaujolais Cru Cote de Brouilly – $24.95

2005 Nicole Charion Domaine de la Voute des Crozes, Beaujolais Cru Cote de Brouilly – $39.95

2012 Foillard, Beaujolais Cru Morgon, “Cote de Py” – $39.95

2011 Foillard Beaujolais Cru Fleurie, $49.99

2010 Foillard, Beaujolais Cru Fleurie – $49.99

All lovely in their own right but my three favorites were the Guy Breton, the “Cote du Py” and the 2010 Fleurie. I call the middle one “liquid love” because it showcases the best of cru Beaujolais”: bright fruit, earth and violets – all in a balanced package.
Granted these are not everyday values that I review in my “ordinaire” blog posts but they provide more value for your dollar than that other wine made nearby: Red Burgundy. Happy Thanksgiving to me as I will be opening one of these with my feast on Thursday. 😉

So I retain my super hero identity and bring you Gamay at its finest. Once, I heard a woman say to the person tending the wine bar, “I don’t like Gamay.” Oddly enough, she waxed poetic about Pinot Noir, which shares many of the same characteristics – light body, bright fruits, low tannins, etc.

So if you did not take me up on the opportunity to “get to know” Gamay after my last post, here is a second chance to give it a try.

And as always, please share with me what you discover! I have only two goals for this blog: building relationships and building community.

A toast to your next adventure in wine, and remember, “I am Batman,” a superhero always ready to save you from ho-hum wine and to lead you to wine that speaks to your heart and soul.

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